Friday, February 04, 2005

Day 8 (Edited Version)

Wow, major dizziness this morning. Am feeling very crap. Have been to the loo 4 times already. Not good. My poor ass. Hopefully bumping back up to 15mg today will make me feel better. Will go for 10mg either tomorrow or the next day and just gradually keep alternating until I am on that dose.

God, it’s almost 2pm and I feel just awful. And I have a job interview at 4pm. Why do I do this to myself. As part of my psycho personality at the moment, I totally cracked it at work yesterday and decided to apply for a job where they need someone ASAP. Of corse, this is very unwise as I am barely comprehendible today and I am sure it’s only the beginning of this horrid process. How can I have days off when I am sick in a new job, which requires me to be alert and busy?
Maureen (colleague at work) pointed out that I would probably cope better at work if I were busy. God I hope she is right.Another 3 trips to the toilet since this morning and just took some aspirin for my head.


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