Friday, February 04, 2005


Well, that brings us to now.
I haven't been sincere with you blog world... there is much I have omitted and much I should have said... but we'll leave that for another time.

Here are some bits from my journal this morning:

WOW- It’s really been some time since I have written here. A little over 2 weeks.
Let me fill you in on what’s been happening. Chaos. Absolute chaos. In my mind and my body. But I AM making real progress.
Since I last wrote, almost immediately, I had 3 days off work. I was quite ill, mostly with the head zaps and dizziness, but also with emotion. The emotional side effects had started, even though I wasn’t all that aware of them at the time.
I had successfully cut down to 10mg, and up until 3 days ago, was quite stable on it.
Today is Friday. On Wednesday, I took 7.5 mg. Yes, I actually managed to cut a quarter of a pill in half! Astonishing!!
I was fine, so yesterday I took 5mg. A small amount of head spinning, but nothing in comparison to what I went through earlier. I am however, quite sensitive to sounds, to noises that seem to burrow through my head and it’s almost like pain. Very weird. Seems to hit me at night time when I am tired though.
This morning, another 5mg, so far so good. Am so excited at the prospect that I have successfully weened down to 5mg, knowing it’s not far from here.
Physically, I am actually doing pretty good. I have a little toilet issue, and a headache, but I can easily attribute that to the wine I drank last night.

Now, to elaborate on what things have been going on in my head. This week in particular has been tough. I have been so very depressed, feeling like why should I bother, and seriously having issues with just about everything. Poor Scott (husband) bore the brunt of a lot of it. And It’s like I am starting to feel again. I don’t feel as tired and wishy washy about things, I am feeling emotions I have not felt for some time.

Last night I turned a corner I think. I stopped wanting to blame everyone and everything else around me and realized that I am a strong person, I can do anything I want

Anyway, I will continue with my 5mg dose over the weekend and then go for 0 next week. If I suffer withdrawals, I know I can always cut my 5mg in half (or close enough!) Apparently the last 5mg is the hardest, but for me I think it will be the easiest. I have already made up my mind to succeed and in my mind, I am already there. Talk to you on Monday.


Blogger Hammy Goonan said...

You go Jo.

You can do it because you're a dope mo fo and you've got that beautiful man there to help you along (my love to him).

And aren't blogs just great!

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hae hun! Dont worry, I am 15 and am going through withdrawal from aropax, i went through it, I came down from 60mg to 0mg now, it is the worst experience of my life. Even though having depression, OCD, GAD, PTSD for 4 years withdrawal is by far the worst, all the "zaps", vomiting, not being able to eat or drink, tremors, headaches, muscle spasms, tingling in the fingers and toes. But hopefully it does get easier, for you and for me. Please email me at if you want to talk. Thanks. Bye Bye annonymous

9:31 AM  
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