Thursday, March 17, 2005

Whose there?

Yesterday, I was broken into.
Shit the fuck. It totally sucks. The ironic thing is it appears they/he/she didn't actually take anything. I don't even think things were moved or ruffled.
I came home and had a normal evening by myself, Scott was doing his last trip away before we move. I watched some TV, drank some wine, did the usual. I decided to go to bed and that's when I found it. The blinds looked ruffled. Now Canberra is very bloody cold, so I thought I should shut the window.
Low and behold, the window was smashed in a nice neat little rectangle (just big enough to fit a hand through) right next to the latch. The window was open. The window was closed when I left for work. The flyscreen was seriously broken and on the other side of the yard and there was a mallet next to the window.
Now, having been a person who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks I was suprisingly calm.
Had it just happened? I don't think so, surely I would have heard it...
I called the cops and did a report. They didn't send anyone out because it had appeared they had not taken anything, so could not prove they had been in our house. This frustrates me somewhat as clearly the window had been broken with a mallet and it was open. This implies someone had been in and poked around my house.
I think the saving grace was the fact that both front and back doors were dead-bolted so they could not escape with anything unless it was through the same window.

I'm quite angry. Angry that someone would just do that. Did they actually come into my house? Look at my pictures? Is all of my underwear still there? Did they jizz on my bed?

I'm trying not to think the worst, but these are some thoughts running through my head.
I didn't sleep at home last night. I stayed with my mate Ben (god love ya Ben).

Anyway, definately a new experience for me and one I do not wish to duplicate ever again.
So, Scott will be home tonight on my request. Then I will feel safe and warm again.

I tell you, when you don't feel safe in your own house something is really very wrong.


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That's pretty shite, sorry to hear it.

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