Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's only 1 week to go until I finish up at my job, YAY! I am so damn excited. Can't wait.
I realized that I will not be blogging for a little while after this, so I must endeavour to add as many entries as I can over the next week - Bring on the blog therapy!

Theres a couple of things I wanted to raise in this blog:

Firstly I wanted to refer to an article I read this morning in the Financial Review entitled "The Challenge of Post-materialism", by Richard Eckersley.
Essentially this article states : "we live in the happiest, healthiest and most peaceful era in human history". And if now was good, it argued, the future would be even better. The belief that we live in the best of all times has been most famously and controversially articulated in recent years by Danish academic Bjorn Lomborg in his 2001 book The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the real state of the world. That we live in such a "blessed" era is usually credited to material prosperity resulting from economic growth. "

Obviously, the Australian government believes wholly and completely that if we are to prosper and be a happy peaceful nation we need to assert our economic dominance.

I find this argument to be flawed. Firstly, I think it is extremely ignorant to assume that economic wealth automatically brings happiness and peace.
Secondly I do not agree that we are living in the happiest, healthiest and peaceful time.
Depression is at an all time high, health issues are constantly arising that reflect the stresses and pollutants we are subject to everyday, such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As for peace? Please. I have never heard such crap.

Interesting though, that someone would see this as being a time of peace, prosperity and happiness. Are they just predicting the inevitable revoloution? Do they know our time is running out?

What do you think?

I forget what the second Blog issue was... damn my memory!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Moving right along

Well, things are really starting to happen with our move. We spent the first part of the weekend visiting my Dad. As usual, this was not a perfect visit. I do love my Dad, but he is an alcoholic and spent most of it pissed.
I actually got really upset because we all went to a bbq and left in seperate cars. I took Bill, my brother and Dad and Scott left in Dad's car. They turned up 3 hours later, drunker.
Dad couldn't understand why I was upset. I told him it was his last opportunity to spend time with me for a while and he chose to go to the pub instead.
I lay on the couch pretenting to watch a movie with my brother, just trying to hide the tears from falling. Years of having this sort of relationship with my Dad doesn't make it any easier and it all came flooding back to me, like I was a child again.

Anyway, I have no doubts that he has forgotten it, but he felt really bad and told me I was right. He confessed to being a terrible father, but said he loves me like mad.

The irony of this is amazing. A drunken confession of love and neglect can't make up for the lost years, and yet how can I keep my love from him? I can't change him. I just have to accept him. I have struggled for years with this.

Anyway, enough about that. My blog is turning into emotional guff.

I have to book my ticket to Brisbane today. For some reason I have been putting this off. I suppose it's just the finality of it all.
I'm also really nervous about arriving there without Scott. I'll be there for days by myself.
Despite my promise to stress less, I am a stress ball!!!
Some things will never change.

On a lighter note, I am going to be a bridesmaid! yay! my best friend Emma is getting married. Am so excited because she is awesome and he is awesome and that's just what you want for your friends. Just wish I could see her more often.

Must plot to be rich.... very very rich indeed... so I can fly everywhere and see everyone and do everything!